The History of Kitchen Deep Cleaning

In January 1962 one of the directors of Trust House Forte approached a Mr Barry Goddard of Tack Services Limited of Caerphilly South Wales and asked his if he could devise a way of deep cleaning commercial catering equipment on site without disrupting the day to day catering operation within the kitchen itself.

Trust House Forte had started to open a number of roadside cafeterias on major truck roads throughout the UK, these cafeterias were aimed mainly at the travelling sales man and families to eat and relax in and were springing up at the rate of thirty a year and were commonly known throughout the UK as Little Chef.

The clean took place overnight from 10.00pm and 05.30am with a team of two men completely stripping down all the heavy duty catering equipment fully de-carbonising and de-greasing it along with the canopies filters and extract ducting – The following morning when all concerned had inspected the work and started the catering equipment up again it was deemed to be a complete success.

There are very few problems that out highly trained and extremely experienced staff haven’t encountered before and successfully overcome. All works are carried out on site at a time that is acceptable to you and will complete the job with minimum disruption to your business.

Tack Services who were already servicing and installing the catering equipment to Little Chef and Trust House Forte hotels had now another service it could offer to its clients and with Little Chef now the leaders in open front Kitchens in the public could see exactly how and where the food was being cooked in a professional clean environment, Little Chef decided to expand the operation to all its units and carryout a deep clean in all of them every six weeks.

Within two years Tack Services Limited had twelve teams of two, working mainly overnight throughout the UK making sure all kitchens within Little Chefs met exactly the same professional standards.

It wasn’t long before Tack Services LimitedD expanded its cleaning operation to the mass industrial catering market along with its Installing, Servicing within not just Little Chefs but also Trust House Forte hotels and Berni Inns.

It moved into Independent sites like Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, H M Forces and many other sites, and the industry continues to expand to this day.