Deep Clean Services

We specialise in the following areas, cleaning of canopies, duct work, filters and drip trays. Specialist cleaning of catering equipment, cleaning of the structure (floors, walls or ceiling), Laundry extraction ventilation cleaning, Provision of replacement filters plus the supplying and fitting of access panels to all trypes of ducting.

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Catering Equipment

Catering Equipment is split down into two main areas, Heavy-duty equipment, and Light-duty equipment. Heavy-duty equipment in generally considered being the main range of cooking equipment under the canopy and are more prone to receiving heavy deposits of baked on carbon.

Some examples of heavy-duty equipment are: Ovens, Grills, Griddles, Hobs, Fryers, Hot cupboards, Baking ovens, Char-grills, etc. while light-duty equipment in generally considered being subsidiary tables and shelves that are used in the preparation of food. For example: – Tables, Racks, Steamers, Potato Peelers, Brat Pans, Dishwashers, Fridges, etc.

The cleaning of such equipment is carried out using heavy-duty chemicals, and abrasive scrubbing methods. The equipment is stripped down where all immediate removable parts and shelves and removed and placed in a chemical bath. Any immediate outer casings that are screwed on and can be removed, will be, and again treated in our bath. At no point will any parts that are required for the initial basic functions of the equipment be removed, or tampered with. This sometimes limits the access that is available to internal parts. We will not use heavy-duty chemicals or abrasive scrubbing on delicate parts.

The outer casings of the equipment are then treated with whichever chemical or degreaser is required. Food residues and carbon deposits are removed but some slight burnt on carbon may remain. This is all directly related to the initial condition of the equipment. All parts of the equipment are then rinsed off and the equipment re-assembled and re-placed.


Structure can be cleaned within a kitchen giving the whole area a clean from top to bottom. The ceiling will be cleaned first and all wall then washed down. All wall mounted shelving and pipe-works and clean and the floor is washed out last. The walls and ceiling and cleaned using de-greasers and the floor will be scrubbed using the appropriate chemical. All areas will be washed off before and the kitchen will be ready for use at the end of our job.

Kitchen Extract Cleaning and Certification


Canopies are cleaned using heavy-duty degreasers and caustic based chemicals and water. All visible faces are cleaned back down to bare metal using abrasive scrubbers. The filters are removed prior to any work commencing and the filter housings and all areas behind are de-greased. Any runny grease is removed, and heavy build up of surface grease is scraped off prior to any abrasive scrubbing.

Cleaning of any areas within a canopy, and any filter banking’s is only limited by areas that our highly skilled engineers cannot reach. The canopy is always cleaned to a level that will leave the system in a safe condition and limit any risk of fire.


The ductwork begins at the canopy, and can generally be cleaned to arm length from within the canopy itself. For any further de-greasing of ductwork to take place, access must be available firstly to the ductwork itself, and secondly to the internals of any runs. Access panels are sometimes installed into the duct when the system is first erected, but if it is not then the owner is responsible for deciding whether more are required. We can advise you as to your needs and requirements.

Build up of carbon deposits are removed from reachable surfaces, but care is taken around seals, joins and rivets as not to damage the system, and break any seals.

Extraction Fans

The same principle applies with extraction fans as to ductwork. The fan can only be cleaned if it can be accessed. Grease film deposits located in this area are mainly on the fan blades and attention must be given to this area so to keep the extraction system in a good working order. Grease build on fan blades makes the fan heavier and slows down its speed of rotation therefore affecting its operation. The fan would not be stripped down, or removed from is housing; therefore care would be taken as to not damage the fan motor and its heat diffusers.


Filters are cleaned on site in suitable size containers. Generally a sink will suffice. A chemical solution is mixed up with hot water and the filters are dipped to remove internal grease deposits. The solution will then be disposed of in a safe manner. Hot water is essential for this process and must be available.

Our kitchen extract cleaning service fully complies with the TR/19 best practice standard from the HVCA. The requirement for extraction cleaning depends upon a number of factors. The amount of cooking, type of food cooked and layout of equipment all factor into the risk that your system is to fire and mechanical breakdown.

A Quick Guide to the Frequency of Cleaning Can Be Seen Below:

  • Heavy Use // 12-16 hours per day // 3 monthly
  • Moderate Use // 6-12 hours per day // 6 monthly
  • Light Use // 2-6 hours per day // 12 monthly

Grease Filter Laundry and Supply

All grease filters are made to measure your individual requirements. We are able to offer a supply of Mesh filters, baffle filters and internal carbon filters and deposable paper carbon glass filters.

Access Panels Supplied and Fitted

We can supply and fit access panels to be fitted into ductwork. We have a large supply of various sizes and shapes. We are also able to cut metal plates to size to areas of ducting where no pre-fabricated can be fitted.

Drip Trays

We can design and manufacture drip dray for any part of your extraction system. We can design and have made to measure metal drip trays for inside the kitchen and with the ducting system. We can also design and manufacture grease collection trays for the end of the ductwork where grease may be dripping over roofs and walkways.

Laundry Ducting Clean

Ductwork in laundry systems collets a lot of dust and clothing particles during the process of drying. This can clog up the system and create a fire risk. We offer a service to fully dismantle and clean out all areas within the duct and replace dust free.

Post Clean Reports

We can supply a full post clean report on the full system including photographic evidence of the clean from kitchen canopy, through duct work, including fan right out to the end exhaust. We can supply schematic drawings of your system and grease micron thicknesses so you can gauge when you’re next clean will be required.